Flying taxis are coming. Cities will need dozens of vertiports.

McKinsey estimates that just one advanced air mobility operator could operate 20,000 flights a day in 2030. By comparison, Southwest Airlines, the second-largest carrier in the U.S., averaged roughly 2,900 domestic flights a day in 2021.

Most eVTOL aircraft would fly short routes between downtowns and nearby airports or cities. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, these electrically-powered aircraft promise to provide more efficient, sustainable and equitable transportation…

The consulting firm estimates that a large, dense, high-income city, such as New York or London, would need 85 to 100 takeoff and landing pads, which could be distributed among 20 to 30 vertiports. Medium-size cities such as Atlanta, Dallas or Denver might require 10 to 18 sites with up to 65 total pads.