Flying cars in Orlando? The first U.S. ‘air taxi’ hub is coming to Lake Nona by 2025

Move over, I-4 Ultimate – the skies over Orlando may very well look like The Jetsons in a few years.

A new partnership between Tavistock Development Company, the city of Orlando and Lillium Aviation, Inc. is moving forward with a plan to bring a “high-speed, electric air mobility network” to Orlando by 2025.

Lilium, a German aviation company, got a big ol’ green light to construct a 56,000-square-foot air taxi facility (“vertiport”) in Orlando, with our City Council approving over $800,000 in tax breaks to the Munich-based Lilum on Monday, as reported by the Orlando Business Journal.

This vertiport, collaboratively designed by Tavistock and Lilium, will serve Orlando, Tampa and nearby areas.

Lilium has designed an all-electric, five-seat vertical takeoff aircraft that it plans to have in the skies by 2025. The aircraft will be able to fly up to 186 miles within one hour of charging up.