Florida’s ‘Move Over’ law isn’t stopping deadly crashes, but could upgraded car technology help?

So the career-long start-up guy started Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS), a company aimed at eliminating roadside crashes with existing technology; his company is just upgrading.

Take your standard passenger vehicle hazard lights. Typical hazard lights on passenger vehicles flash one to two hertz per second. Tucker said those standards hadn’t been updated since 1951.

So his company, ESS, developed hazards that flash about three hertz per second faster, giving the lights on the front and back of a vehicle more of an emergency look when they flash.

A Virginia Tech Transportation Insitute study commissioned by ESS found drivers moved over or slowed down 80% of the time when the rapid flash hazards were mobilized compared to 30% with common hazards…

In addition, ESS has created a digital alert system inside the vehicle that warns drivers of a disabled vehicle up to four football fields away.