Florida toll roads announce partnership with E-ZPass, used in 16 states

Florida’s tolling authority is offering a new transponder compatible with the E-ZPass toll system used in 16 states on the East Coast and Midwest, including New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

The new transponder, called SunPass PRO, will allow Florida drivers to use one device to process tolls all the way to Maine and as far west as Illinois (Minnesota is coming soon). Current SunPass transponders are only accepted in Georgia and North Carolina.

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise also announced that E-ZPass customers in other states will be able to use their transponders along the nearly 900 miles of toll roads in Florida.

America’s more than 130 tolling authorities were required to accept a single universal transponder by 2016, under a law passed by Congress in 2012. But according to NBCLX, the law carried no penalties, and the collaborations between tolling authorities have been regional, not national.