Fleet technology helps truckers ‘socially distance’ on the job

With COVID-19 continuing its onslaught in the U.S., the need to stay safe has never been more critical. Working on the frontlines and being primary movers of the economy, logistics personnel will have to make sure they are adequately protected from infection.

For truck drivers, one of the primary ways to safeguard themselves is by actively sanitizing their surroundings – including all the high-touch points on their trucks, like door handles and latches. But with technology becoming increasingly mainstream around trucking operations, there are solutions that enable truckers to reduce their overall touch-points to a minimum – drastically diminishing their possibility to contract the virus.

FreightWaves spoke with Chris Wolfe, the CEO of logistics solutions provider PowerFleet, to discuss the possible technologies that can be leveraged to keep the trucking community safe during these perilous times.