FiveAI launches the largest commuter trials for driverless cars on London streets

StreetWise, a government-backed consortium led by FiveAI, has launched the largest commuter trials for self-driving vehicles on public roads in London.

The trial will be conducted on a pre-defined 19-km route and will see autonomous cars self-navigating through busy roads in the London boroughs of Croydon and Bromley. The cars will pick up and drop off over 100 volunteers throughout the course of the trial at pre-defined spots. The participants will be given specific time slots to take part in the research.

The commuter trials are not open to the general public, and only those individuals who are invited by insurance giant Direct Line Group will take part in the trials…

The tests will be conducted throughout October and November. During the tests, the vehicles will have a safety driver at all times. A safety technician will also sit in the front passenger seat to monitor the performance of the self-driving system.