First gate-to-gate autonomous airplane flight

The company, Xwing, is setting out to introduce autonomous technology for regional air cargo, an overlooked space in the global race for autonomy but, with its sub-500 mile predictable routes and significant commercial importance, an intriguing entry point for autonomous air travel. Xwing is betting it can gain ground amid growing unmet logistics demand using its human-operated software stack that seamlessly integrates with existing aircraft to enable regional pilotless flight. ..

The recent news-making flight saw a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B leave the gate, taxi, take-off, land and return to the gate entirely on its own. The flight was remotely monitored and all air traffic control interactions were done from the ground…

Xwing’s entry into the market seems well-timed. New reports show a global gap of 34,000 open pilot positions by 2025. Logistics are also strained with growing demand for fast delivery.