Finding a spot may get a little easier — you now can access all of the city’s parking data

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center — a joint open-data project among the city, Allegheny County and University of Pittsburgh — is making city parking data publicly available.

There are over 4.3 million transaction entries to comb through.

This isn’t the center’s first project. Since 2015, it’s been making all kinds of local data accessible under the direction of Bob Gradeck, project director at the center, which is housed in Oakland on Pitt’s campus…

Burgh’s Eye View, for example, is a city map application that lets users drill into crime, property and 311 data by clicking on a given intersection.

The app was built within the city’s Department of Innovation and Performance. To make the parking data more accessible, any developer can access this data and build an app that lets users click and learn.

Created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab, the SmellPGH app lets users report and track strange odors around the city.