Fiat Chrysler partners with connected-car data startup Otonomo in Europe

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is joining the network of an Israeli connected-car startup to collect data from vehicles in Europe that can be used to offer services like improvements to traffic control, parking assistance, insurance discounts and more.

The startup, Otonomo, collects vehicle information such as location, speed and engine health from automakers and fleet owners to provide to other entities so they can offer services to drivers and cities. The partnership signals the growing opportunities in monetizing data from vehicles — and Otonomo along with Fiat Chrysler has global goals, said Ben Volkow, Otonomo CEO…

Otonomo already has nine partners, including BMW, Daimler AG, and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. FCA customers in the European Union could begin seeing benefits of the partnership in a matter of weeks, Volkow said.