FHWA – New Exploratory Advanced Research (EAR) Program Fact Sheets Available

Seven new Exploratory Advanced Research (EAR) Program fact sheets are available on the FHWA Website.

Three fact sheets provide information about an EAR Program-sponsored projects focused on the concept of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) cooperation and vehicle positioning and navigation as elements of an integrated highway system: “Investigating Advanced Traffic Signal Control” (FHWA–HRT–11–044), “Efficient and Safe Merging Solutions” (FHWA–HRT–10–076), and “Staying in Lane: Intelligent Fusion of Vehicle Sensor Data” (FHWA-HRT-10-064).

Two fact sheets describe EAR Program-sponsored projects on human behavior and travel choices: “Modeling Driver Characteristics,” (FHWA–HRT–10–070) and “Investigating Congestion and Solutions: Experiments on Congestion Conditions and Pricing Initiatives” (FHWA-HRT-10-061). The fact sheet, “New Ways to Predict Bridge Performance: Advances in Structural Health Monitoring,” (FHWA-HRT-10-062) describes advanced methods for assessing system performance.

Two fact sheets—“Harnessing the Value of Ecosystems” (FHWA–HRT–10–075) and “Exploring Cement Hydration Kinetics” (FHWA–HRT–10–078)—provide information about EAR Program initial stage investigations on innovative topics. Initial stage investigations can lead to EAR Program investments through future open solicitations.