Ferrari’s Most Powerful Car Ever Is Here—and It’s a Hybrid Stunner

Electrification is ubiquitous, but back when Ferrari launched LaFerrari, hybridization was a less-accepted notion, especially for a brand synonymous with powerhouse V-12s. Yet Prancing Horse clients and fans alike welcomed the concept, so as Ferrari planned to unleash its next salvo from Maranello, the inclusion of electrification was most decidedly on the table. Now, Ferrari brings us the SF90 Stradale, its most powerful road-going car ever. And it’s a plug-in hybrid…

To get all that oomph translated to the road in tidy fashion, there’s an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission that’s working with an all-wheel drive system, the first time Ferrari has deployed AWD on a sports car. (The AWD GTC4Lusso is technically a grand tourer.) The powertrain and drive set up afford some stellar speed figures. The sprint to 60 will happen in 2.5 seconds, and 125 mph will arrived in a staggering 6.7 seconds. Keep the accelerator buried and you’ll top out at 211 mph.