FedEx is testing electric carts for last-mile delivery in big U.S. and Canadian cities

FedEx plans to test electric carts to make deliveries on its signature Express routes in 10 U.S. and Canadian cities throughout 2022.

The company hopes electric delivery carts will help address a major challenge it faces in every big city it serves: lack of parking.

E-commerce sales grew 86% over prepandemic levels in February, according to data from Mastercard. But the number of parking spots and loading zones remained largely the same in New York City and Toronto, where the global carrier has been testing the EP1 electric cart made by General Motors’ BrightDrop…

Electrifying the global supply chain has been a slow process for the largest global fleet operators, in spite of a flurry of deals between delivery services and EV makers. UPS has a commitment to purchase up to 10,000 delivery trucks from Arrival, and it uses electric bikes and ATVs in Europe.