Explaining Level 4 And Level 5 Of Self-Driving Cars In Plain English

The formal definition says that there is no requirement that a human driver must be available for a Level 4 and nor for a Level 5 self-driving car.

Take a moment to reflect upon that use of the word “must” and you’ll realize that just because you indicate that something doesn’t have to happen, such an indication does not preclude allowing it to happen.

In other words, the AI can be designed to allow for human drivers to take on the driving task while inside a Level 4 or Level 5 self-driving car, but it is vital and sacrosanct that the AI driving system for the Level 4 or Level 5 self-driving car does not expect and nor rely upon a human driver to be available to take on the driving task per se.

Thus, the twist here is that a true self-driving car doesn’t have to ban a human from driving the car.