Experts Stress Public Trust in AV Tech as E-Commerce Rises

As the coronavirus pandemic prompts people to shop from their homes and rely on contactless delivery services, gaining public trust in automated vehicle technology remains essential, experts said.

Matthew Lipka, head of policy at robotics company Nuro, said gaining public trust, particularly through use of AV systems, is vital. He said an approachable-looking vehicle that delivers a pizza to someone’s curb would leave a positive impression and help that person gain familiarity with the technology. Nuro specializes in deploying autonomous vehicles for last-mile delivery services.

“I think that’s really, really critical,” Lipka said during a webinar hosted by the Eno Center for Transportation on Sept. 10. “We need to get out there and talk to people and introduce them to the technology. I think delivery technology is a way of building that public trust.”