Experts laugh at Elon Musk’s claim that he is close to perfecting driverless car technology after Tesla owners who used ‘summon’ function continue to share videos and photos of their smashed vehicles

Elon Musk has been ridiculed for claiming he’s on the brink of perfecting a fleet of self-driving taxis after Tesla owners reported that their cars crash on summon mode.

The CEO of Tesla says that the fleet will be ready by the end of next year, but that has been called into question after the release of Tesla’s Smart Summon technology.

Raj Rajkumar, from Carnegie Mellon University, says that the California company’s new feature is ‘far from perfection’ and he can ‘only laugh’ at Musk’s timeline.

Many Tesla owners using the summon function, which calls their car to them without anyone in, have experienced several close calls and nasty fender benders.