Experts Believe Autonomous Vehicles & Ride-Sharing Services Will End Traditional Car Ownership

In a lengthy report, U.S. News looked at how the age of owning vehicles is coming to an end thanks to the roll out of self-driving cars and the popularity of ride-sharing services. Antonio Seba, an energy and transportation disruption expert believes that there are two things consumers looking to purchase a new vehicle should know.

The first thing is that this could be the last vehicle you’ll ever buy. The second thing is that leasing is the more attractive option, as that brand new car will be worth nothing in the next four to five years.

In a report that Seba co-authored in 2017, he outlined and predicted how the majority of Americans will ditch traditional automobile ownership by 2030. Fast forward a year, and Seba believes that things are accelerating more quickly than he anticipated last year. With automakers and technology companies working on perfecting self-driving technology every day, we’re not surprised to hear that.