Everbridge Launches New Dashboard for Emergency Responses

The battle of the dashboards — among the main features of government technology in 2023 — has gained a new entrant, this one from critical event management company Everbridge.

The Everbridge 360 has made its debut, joining a field increasingly crowded with dashboards not only designed for public safety and hazard management, but also civic planning and a variety of other tasks.

As the company put it in a statement, Everbridge 360 combines into a single platform the company’s risk intelligence, communication, collaboration and coordination tools. That provides what Everbridge calls a “comprehensive, unified view” of critical events to public officials and other users…

“With dashboards, data is easier to digest, so agencies can see patterns, spot problems before they happen, and identify successes that could have gone unnoticed,” according to an article from FUSE, which works with local governments on racial issues. “In turn, people can make smarter, faster, more effective decisions.”