Embark Carving Path To Market With Universal Truck Interface, New Fleet Partners

Introduction of the Embark Universal Interface (EUI) is especially important at this moment – it sends a clear signal to the market that, in contrast to the approaches taken by some other AV truck providers, Embark is able to work with virtually any fleet, regardless of what truck brands they use. For the U.S. market, PACCAR and Volvo Trucks have signed non-exclusive agreements with Aurora, Traton has done the same with TuSimple, as has Daimler with Waymo.

Embark describes the EUI as “a set of hardware and software components that allow Embark to integrate its self-driving technology with trucks from any of the four major truck brands in the US – Peterbilt, Volvo, International, and Freightliner,” calling this “the first and only integrated platform of its kind.”