Elon Musk reveals what Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 is about

Three months later, he has yet to release the plan and during a companywide meeting held last night, with details obtained by Electrek, Musk was asked by an employee what the new plan is going to be about. The CEO responded:

Master Plan Part 3 is all about achieving very large scale. In order to shift the entire energy infrastructure and transport infrastructure of earth, there has to be a very high scale. We have to ask what is the actual tonnage? If we work backward from let’s say about 300 TWh of installed capacity in vehicles and stationary (battery packs) then how do you achieve that tonnage from a mining and refining standpoint, but also do so in a sustainable way.

Musk then summarized:

That’s what Master Plan Part 3 is: How do you get to enough scale to actually shift the entire energy infrastructure of earth?