Elon Musk claims Tesla will achieve full autonomy by NEXT YEAR as he boasts the firm is ‘vastly ahead’ of self-driving competitors

While Musk’s claims that Tesla will be delivering the world’s first fully autonomous vehicles on an expedited timeline, the forecast has raised the eyebrows of industry skeptics who say the company’s overblown projections constitute false advertising at best.

In a report last month, one autonomous expert called Musk’s prognostications ‘unconscionable.’

‘Claiming its vehicles will soon be “feature complete” for full self-driving is one more step in the unconscionable practices that Tesla is already engaged in with Autopilot — overselling its capabilities and reliability when marketing its vehicles and then blaming the driver for not reading the manual and paying constant attention when the technology inevitably fails,’ said Dean Pomerleau, of Carnegie Mellon University in a CNN report.