Electric Vehicle Experts Talks Affordability, Minority Communities and More on ‘Auto Trends’

In a two-part radio conversation, Auto Trends with JeffCars.com, a syndicated multicultural automotive radio program, talks with two leading EV experts for its first-ever, high-charged discussion concerning the current state of the EV market. Dr. Jeremy Michalek, who is a professor of mechanical engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, joins the show with extensive knowledge of the EV market. Michalek, who is one of the foremost EV authorities in academia, is also a co-founder of Carnegie’s Vehicle Electrification Group.

Alongside him is EV analyst Devin Lindsey, who is an associate director at S&P Global. Lindsey, who is one of the automotive industry’s gurus, concentration centers around alternative propulsion, forecasting and market analysis. More importantly, Lindsey is one of the leading African American EV analysts in the field.