Electric Semi Truck Drives From Germany To Turkey

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 Tractor is now being produced in the Mercedes-Benz Wörth factory, and the electric semi truck model just demonstrated its prowess by driving from that factory to the Mercedes-Benz Trucks site in Aksaray, Turkey. The eActros 300 Tractor as well as older electric models from Mercedes-Benz — the eActros 300 4×2 and the eActros 300 6×2 — traveled the route. That’s 3,000 kilometers, going through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

The trip aligns with the start of series production of this electric semi truck. “In preparation for the impending start of series production for the eActros 300 Tractor in autumn, road endurance testing will take place at our Aksaray site, among other locations,” Dr. Christof Weber, Head of Global Testing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, says. “We also used the demanding route there as an additional test. Our conclusion: the e-truck has mastered the varied route through Central and Eastern Europe with ease and is ready for series production.”