Electric Mercedes eActros Truck Production Starts This Week

The first electric Mercedes-Benz eActros trucks are already headed to work, with the automaker sending the first pre-production trucks from the truck plant in Wörth, Germany, into the real world days ahead of the start of series production later this week. Four trucks assembled as part of trial runs in the production facility—itself scheduled to start on October 7—will each undertake very different jobs.

The eActros trucks, first revealed in production form at the end of June earlier this year, are based on Daimler’s eArchitecture with a rigid electric axle featuring two integrated electric motors, along with a two-speed transmission…

So each truck will have enough batteries on board to offer either a 315 or 420 kWh capacity, with the latter giving it a range of up to 400 kilometers, or 249 miles.