Electric Cars Are Too Expensive For Many, But Retrofitting Could Be The Answer

Europeans on average earnings could soon be forced out of their cars and on to the bus by environmental rules effectively banning sales of cheap new internal combustion engines (ICE) in favor of unaffordable electric cars; but help is at hand.

Transition-One, a small start-up company from Orleans, France, is coming to the rescue with its plan to convert your small and popular ICE vehicle at a price you can afford and with a performance fit for most normal people’s local needs. Transition-One’s business is currently centered on France, but it has big ambitions to grow globally, CEO Aymeric Libeau said in an interview…

At first, the conversion is only available for little cars like the Fiat 500, Renaults Clio, Twingo and Kangoo van, and BMW Mini. Transition-One hopes to reduce the conversion price to about €5,000 ($5,700). The cheapest battery-electric vehicle (BEV) is at least 3 times that amount.