Electric Buses Continue Expansion In Los Angeles & Seoul

According to LA Metro’s press release, the buses are 60-foot long articulated models from New Flyer. Details on the range and other specifications are not readily available. The city purchased the buses for US$1.15 million under a contract totaling US$80 million for all 40 buses, charging infrastructure, and other deployment expenses.

Sustainable-Bus reports that Seoul, Korea just added 143 electric buses to its fleet. These buses will join 29 that are already in operation as part of a plan to replace natural gas buses with battery EV models. Ultimately, the plan is to put a total of 3,000 battery-electric buses in operation.

While this may seem like a much bigger investment than that of Los Angeles, it’s only part of the story. While South Korea does plan thousands of battery-electric buses in operation, it also plans to field 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses as part of a larger push to expand hydrogen infrastructure.