Edmonton to explore smart signals despite pilot that showed slower traffic

Edmonton will continue to explore the use of smart technology at intersections even though a four-month pilot project resulted in slower traffic.

The city tested adaptive traffic signal controls at nine intersections along 101st Street between 103A and 111th avenues.

From Oct. 1 2019, to Jan. 31, 2020, the technology adjusted the timing of traffic signals based on the arrival patterns of vehicles.

Smart signals are meant to optimize vehicle flow and reduce congestion but the pilot project results showed they did the opposite, a new report said.

“During the ATSC pilot, travel times increased along the corridor and their intersecting streets,” the report said…

The pilot was an opportunity to delve into the new technology.

“It’s a starting point,” Cebryk said. “We’ve got kind of a base level of understanding now and we can use that to grow on.”

Edmonton will consult Pittsburgh, which has implemented a successful smart signal system, he said.