Economic development is priority for Sandy Twp.

One of the biggest priorities on Sandy Township’s list is local economic development, according to Manager Shawn Arbaugh…

The township is also planning a five-year capital program for vehicles and equipment, in addition to a 10-year plan for township roads, he said.

RoadBotics, of Pittsburgh, takes hundreds of thousands of photos of roadways and then runs them through a computer modeling system to identify defects, Arbaugh said.

“It’s really great because you have all these photos cataloged so you can always go back and take a look at the defects and repairs needed,” said Arbaugh. “It just gives you a nice mapping of your roadways. So we’re looking forward to partnering with them.”

One of the things RoadBotics doesn’t have any experience with is dirt and gravel roads, Arbaugh said.

“They actually told us they could do those roads for us for free to help develop their software that they’re working on. So we’re going to partner with them later this year on that project,” he said.