East Liberty tech company Allvision is digitally mapping sidewalks, parking spots and highways

Before starting Allvision, Mr. Morris had worked on the beginnings of autonomous vehicles as a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, had learned the business side of tech companies as part of the sales team at autonomous vehicle company Seegrid and had worked as a consultant for General Motors…

Now, Allvision says it can create a “digital twin” of infrastructure, or an up-to-date digital map of an area, down to the details of where the vegetation is growing too far over the power lines and which curbs are most used for rideshare drop-offs.

To collect the data its platform analyzes, Allvision uses historical data sets and a network of mapping partners. That’s where TomTom comes in.

TomTom is providing Allvision with miles and miles of highway data, but its services are used all over the infrastructure and transportation ecosystem.