E-Smart Targets Better Tractor-Trailer Connectivity

Trucking technology supplier E-Smart, which offers capabilities such as adaptive speed control and load-based power management, also is pursuing opportunities to connect truck and trailer data.

E-Smart’s advanced driver assistance system uses GPS to actively cap a truck’s maximum speed based on posted speed limits and the fleet’s own preset operating parameters…

E-Smart also plans to enable its system to connect directly to ­trailer telematics devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Boivin said. This could allow drivers to use a tablet to connect devices on the trailer with E-Smart on the truck, he added.

Such wireless connections eventually could reduce the need for multiple SIM cards in the truck and on the trailer. Fleets could obtain meaningful insight to improve efficiency, reliability and safety without the need to maintain two or more high-speed data connections with the truck and trailer, Boivin said.