E-scooters cut congestion and pollution in cities, says new study

E-scooters offer significant benefits in terms of reducing congestion, saving time, cutting emissions and decreasing car usage, according to a new study conducted by University College London (UCL) researchers…

The study, conducted by the Energy Institute at UCL, is one of the first academic assessments to consider the environmental impact of e-scooter use using real-world trip data. It also accounts for emissions produced throughout the entire life cycle of e-scooters, from manufacturing to disposal. The research utilised data from e-scooter trials conducted by Voi Technology and evaluates the environmental impact of its e-scooters across various modes of transportation.

Furthermore, the study demonstrates that replacing trips with e-scooters can result in an overall reduction in carbon emissions of up to 45%. This reduction is observed across various types of e-scooter trips, including those replacing cars, buses, taxis, as well as walking and cycling.