E-scooter bill would clear way for more Pennsylvania cities to join Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh last year became the first city in Pennsylvania to legalize low-speed electric scooters and, as part of a two-year pilot, Spin e-scooters became available to rent for use on city streets.

Now, a bill moving through the state Senate would allow select Pennsylvania cities, including Greensburg and New Kensington, to legalize and regulate e-scooters through similar pilot programs.

Senate Bill 892 would allow select Pennsylvania cities to designate where e-scooters could be used. Currently, e-scooters are illegal in Pennsylvania and not classified in the state’s motor vehicle code. In Pittsburgh, only Spin e-scooters are allowed, thanks to the pilot program written into last year’s budget.

“Low-speed scooters are part of the next generation of transportation,” said state Sen. Daniel Laughlin, R-Erie, the prime sponsor of the bill.