Dumpling is a new alternative for Uber and Lyft drivers

A company called Dumpling, which also operates in the grocery shopping space, has launched a ride-hail application, Dumpling Drive, that aims to enable Uber and Lyft drivers to go into business for themselves. Instead of taking a share of every ride, the site charges drivers a monthly fee. There is also a 3% credit card charge; drivers keep the remaining 97%…

Aside from helping ride-hail drivers track and bill for their work, Dumpling is little like Uber and Lyft. This app is more of a complement to Uber and Lyft than a competitor. That’s mainly because Dumpling doesn’t send riders to drivers; it simply helps them price and bill for rides they arrange on their own. Thus, the best way for you to launch your Dumpling Drive business is to work for other ride-hail companies at the same time.