‘Drone in a box’ technology provides Florida Power & Light easier way to assess infrastructure

Florida Power & Light Co. has another tool in its box — its drone box, to be exact — that allows it to perform daily, automated checks of its infrastructure at a moment’s notice.

It’s called “drone in a box” technology, and it’s two, 22-pound drones that can be deployed quickly to focus in on hard-to-reach spots up to 2 miles away, and also assess damage at the plant during storm season…

The drone’s batteries are charged within in the unit, Dorr said, and air-conditioning keeps the drone cool after flights and while the batteries are charging.

The drones can fly up to 20 times a day.

FPL is the only utility in the country to use the technology, according to Eric Schwartz, manager of FPL’s aerial intelligence response — nicknamed FPL AIR.