Driving Blind: This Headset Lets You Drive in a Car Without Windows

Though Honeywell is currently developing the 360 Display for military ground vehicles, it’s already eyeing other use cases, like mining, firefighting and construction — anywhere a driver needs to “move safely in a low visibility or hazardous environment.”

The company also says there are applications in shipping (where sonar could be fed in to show underwater hazards) or aviation. In a future where airspace becomes more congested with drones and autonomous electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, or EVTOLs, the 360 Display could allow human pilots to safely navigate the skies and know the exact distance and location of other aircraft.

And according to Heck, this display could make life on the road easier for regular drivers.

“It absolutely could be adapted to consumer vehicles. You put on a visor, or maybe someday in the future a pair of glasses, and you can have your speedometer, your navigation, your stereo controls … right in your field of view.”