Drivers needed (sort of): Einride wants remote pilots for its driverless pods

Einride has developed a new type of self-driving, all-electric freight vehicle which, while not exactly a truck, could replace trucks as we know them. It’s more like a six-wheeled transport pod; each one approximately 23 feet in length, capable of carrying 15 standard pallets, and traveling 124 miles on a single charge. There’s no room inside for a human driver. The company has picked up major clients including Coca-Cola European Partners, the official authorized bottler, distributor, sales and marketing company for Coca-Cola branded products in Sweden. Recently, it raised an extra $25 million in funding to help speed up its expansion in the United States.

But Robert Falck isn’t taking humans out of the loop with his autonomous vehicles. Instead, he is excited because he claims Einride is helping to carve out a whole new class of jobs for truck drivers: One that will offer increased remuneration but without the risk or the requirement that they spend long periods of time isolated on the road, away from friends and family. In late February, the company announced that it is hiring its first autonomous and remote truck operator in the freight mobility space.