Driverless Vehicles Being Tested at Northern Kentucky’s Airport

Driverless technology is something customers at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG) will soon see.

The vehicle hosts several sensors, five cameras, both on top of the vehicle and inside, and has been mapping out the area for weeks.

Autonomous vehicles can now operate through a recent local ordinance at the airport.

“This technology is applicable to many different types of ground support equipment that you see at the airport,” said Edward Shelton, vice-president of business development at ThorDrive, a Cincinnati-based company. “In essence, when you’re at the airport and you see your baggage going from the plane back into the terminal, that is the first piece of technology that we’re adding to make it autonomous.”

Brian Cobb is the Chief Innovation Officer at CVG. He said they are positioning the airport for the future.

ThorDrive said in the next few weeks, they will fit the technology on a tractor at the airport that carries luggage.