Driverless Truck Startup Ike Completes Series A Round, Raises $52 Million

The Series A round was led by Boston-based Bain Capital Ventures, which also welcomed Ajay Agarwal (partner at Bain Capital Ventures) to the startup’s board. Other participants in the financing round included: Redpoint Ventures, Fontinalis Partners, Basis Set Ventures and Neo.

“The temptation when you’re working on this technology — because there’s so much potential and because there’s so much excitement for it — especially for small companies in the early stages, is to try and hack something together and try to get up and running really quickly,” cited Alden Woodrow, Co-founder and CEO of Ike.

Woodrow is one of three individuals who co-founded the company. Jur van den Berg and Nancy Sun (the other co-founders of the startup) previously worked at Apple, as well as Uber’s Otto. Woodrow, Berg and Sun teamed up to form Ike after Otto encountered massive setbacks in 2018.