Driverless cars may boost binge drinking, destroy jobs, says latest ‘Freakonomics’ book

Driverless cars could turn out to be a scourge on humanity.
They may lead to a worldwide surge in binge drinking since drunk driving would no longer be a worry. They also could be vulnerable to hacking by terrorists who send every self-driving vehicles in the western U.S. plunging into the Grand Canyon.
And by making car travel easier, driverless vehicles could lead to more congestion and pollution.
Those are a few of the points made by economist Steven D. Levitt and journalist Stephen J. Dubner, known for their book “Freakonomics”, in their latest tome, “Think Like A Freak,” which was released Monday…
After having their fun with the many potential negatives of self-driving cars, the authors note a big potential benefit: reducing traffic deaths.