Driverless Cars Could Make Transportation Free, But Who Will Pay?

AV certainly holds a lot of potential — most of all, liberating us from mind-numbing hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic and loss of productivity (admittedly, we’ll still have the traffic, but we won’t have to be behind the wheel and focused on the road). Imagine a clean energy car you can drive like normal if you wish but at the first hint of a traffic jam press a button to have the car go into its self-driving mode? Well, that’s exciting to us. We only hope carmakers will give the option to do both.
But as great as all that is, who exactly will pay for self-driving cars? Who will coordinate them? Who will buy the EVs? Everyone welcomes a free lunch and a free beer but someone has to foot the bill.
What the Internet has become today can give us a hint.