Do E-Scooters Need A Long-Term Lease Option?

A new micromobility company is betting that COVID-wary travelers will pay more to rent their own personal e-scooter by the month rather than sharing dockless scooters with strangers and paying by the trip. But low-income riders will probably be left out of the fun.

Starting today, high-end electric scooter company Unagi will allow riders in New York City and Los Angeles to lease their vehicles for a monthly subscription of $39. A new subscriber will receive a fully assembled cycle within 24 hours — “just like Netflix,” the company notes — and then her new whip will be hers to keep, ride, and even stash in her apartment until she cancels her membership. The scooter weighs just 23 pounds, folds down for easy schlepping up apartment staircases, and has a host of glowing user reviews.

And if it breaks, the company promises it will pick up and replace the scooter in less than a day.