Distracted Driving Skyrocketing During the Pandemic

new study of COVID-era car crashes finds that a shocking 27 percent of all drivers were using their cell phones within 60 seconds of impact — and transportation safety leaders are doing almost nothing to stop it, despite a preponderance of proven strategies that can compel us to put down our devices when we’re behind the wheel.

In an analysis of 86,000 collisions that took place on U.S. roads in 2020, mobility analysis firm Zendrive found that our country’s record-setting crash rates in the lockdown months usually involved dangerous distracted driving behaviors like texting behind the wheel, which is illegal in 41 states…

Zendrive’s technology works in the background of a wide range of cell phone apps, from e-taxi software to navigation services that countless Americans use every day, so the dangerous phenomenon cuts across both commercial and civilian driving.