Distracted driver telematics combo promises cheaper insurance

A new telematics and anti-distraction package is due to launch in the UK in the first quarter of 2020, promising insurance discounts to the fleet industry.

Known as Drivecare, it comprises a conventional black box-style telematics unit with an app, which are paired by Bluetooth and disable the driver’s phone while the vehicle is in motion.

Initially launched in Canada in 2015, the system works with IOS and Android phones, and is able to detect when the vehicle is moving and block access to the phone’s functions until the driver stops the vehicle and switches off the engine, although calls to emergency services will still be possible.

In addition to performing conventional telematics functions such as tracking, it also uses an algorithm in conjunction with Google Maps to correlate the vehicle’s driving style, location and the level of risk associated with a given area, and assign a percentage score to the driver, which can also be viewed by the fleet manager.