Digital signs tell drivers in Amsterdam when their vehicle is too loud

Amsterdam is piloting digital signs to combat noise pollution from road vehicles.

The technology is based on a similar concept to digital speed displays that tell drivers when they are going too fast, but with a focus on noise. The digital signage trial is also running in Rotterdam.

“This is a first for the Netherlands,” a statement from the City of Amsterdam said.

When a vehicle passing by the sound meter makes noise above 83 decibels, the driver will see the message ‘Too loud’ displayed on a linked digital sign. The trial this summer aims to raise awareness and change behaviour but no fines will be handed out in Amsterdam.

In Rotterdam, microphones are also being used at two locations to collect data and motorists will be warned via the signs that breaching noise levels can carry a fine of €280 (US$305)…

A UN Environment Programme report last year declared urban noise pollution one of the world’s top emerging environmental threats.