Didi’s expansion out of China shows ambition for smart city innovation

UBER’s rival in China is moving fast. Didi Chuxing, hailed as China’s Uber is trying to make a mark in the international market by buying its way around the globe.

As it edges Uber off the international market, its sights are set on developing its fleet and technology. With the amount of investment Didi is pouring into various countries worldwide, it could promote smart city development much quicker than anticipated.

According to Reuters, Didi outlined plans for an alliance with partners “to develop a new mobility business model in China and beyond for sharing cars, [with] aims to develop “unified standards for the design and manufacturing of new energy vehicles, development of intelligent driving technologies, and planning of charging facilities”.”

It’s now an arms race between the Western conglomerates and China. As Uber’s efforts are getting halted and Google is focusing on its home turf, Didi just might get a lead in developing smart cities across the world.