Didi launches open platform for smart transportation, AI services

Ride-hailing giant Didi has launched an open platform for smart transportation, giving enterprises and developers access to its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

“Open cooperation will promote faster and better development of intelligent travel,” Didi CTO Bob Zhang said in a statement on Didi’s official WeChat account on Thursday.

Didi will provide access to its machine learning services and AI platform, which will include voice, image, and natural language processing. Other applications include scene perception, mapping, and travel safety. Didi launched the platform at the Global AI Product Application Expo in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou on Thursday.

The company said the services could be used in sectors including urban transportation, logistics, and finance, among others.

The system is aimed at providing Didi’s smart transportation services to urban transport managers, enterprises, upstream and downstream partners in the automotive industry, and developers.