Derq Teaches Driverless Cars to Safely Navigate Busy Intersections

Derq, a Techstars Mobility alum based in Detroit and Dubai, is conducting a yearlong pilot project on Jefferson Avenue and Randolph Street in the Motor City to focus on vehicle- and pedestrian-related risks around intersections.

“We’re concentrating on road safety for regular cars as well as autonomous vehicles,” says Georges Aoude, Derq’s co-founder and CEO. “Our two main applications are intersection safety—predicting red light violations and sending warnings to a vehicle—and pedestrian safety, which involves leveraging cameras from smart cities to predict pedestrian intent.”

Derq’s software monitors vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2X) interactions to predict and prevent collisions. The company is using patented artificial intelligence-driven algorithms, which Aoude developed while pursuing his aerospace engineering PhD at MIT, to create up to two additional seconds of warning time for vehicles and drivers.