Delphi Acquires Self-Driving Startup Nutonomy for $450 Million

NuTonomy CEO Karl Iagnemma said today’s deal puts his company and Delphi on the path to winning that race. Iagnemma added, “So I feel great about the fact that this acquisition puts the combined team in the pole position to be one of the winners in the global automated driving race.”

“We have, between us, really outstanding technical expertise — on the scientific side, on the algorithmic side,” he said during a conference call with reporters today. “We have now deep and long-standing expertise on the automotive engineering side. And we have conduits, pathways, to selling it to all the various businesses that autonomous driving can impact, through traditional OEM channels, and through mobility services.

And NuTonomy isn’t Delphi’s first self-driving acquisition. In 2015, the company bought Ottomatika, an automated driving startup spun out of Carnegie Mellon University.