Data streaming: More bandwidth is needed before self-driving cars can fully function with autonomy

This is the vision of the self-driving car—but to make self-driving cars a widespread reality, real-time data processing and analytics inside and outside of each car and improvements to bandwidth, cloud super-structures, road asset digitization, and safety and regulatory guidance must happen first.

So let’s level-set for where we are today. “Within the automotive industry, there are two areas we’re currently seeing the highest demand for streaming analytics,” said Przemek Tomczak, SVP of Internet of Things (IoT) and utilities at Kx Systems, which provides high-speed processing and analysis of real-time, streaming and historical data. “One demand is in research and development, including for testing entire vehicles and their parts in wind-tunnels, where analytics is performed in real-time during each test. The other is in manufacturing processes, in detecting deviations and controlling processes based on streams of data coming from sensors in the plant.”