Daimler, BMW, Ford and Volvo in car-to-X communication project

Daimler, BMW, Ford and Volvo are testing how information about acutely hazardous situations can be passed on using car-to-X technology.

The vehicle manufacturers are working in cooperation with Here Technologies, Tom Tom and transportation authorities from Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden on the project, which is scheduled to last 12 months, and will begin in the Netherlands.

Daimler has used mobile networking technologies to send hazard warnings from vehicle-to-vehicle (car-to-car) since 2013. For the first time, the OEMs and navigation service providers are now working on a joint, non manufacturer-specific and EU-wide solution. The aim of the project is to conduct research into the technical, economic and legal aspects of car-to-X…
Mobile radio-based communication systems will be used in the pilot project.