Curb-Management Pilots Smooth the Flow of Traffic, Deliveries

Data-centered curbside-management is leading to a more organized flow of goods and services across public sidewalks and streets in several states.

Technology-enabled pilot projects started last year in several cities in Colorado, Nebraska and Washington and unfolded during a time of unexpected increases in e-commerce and delivery activity as Americans were forced to change the way they shop amid the COVID-19 crisis.

A project in Aspen, Colo. — led by digital curb software company Coord — established “smart” loading zones where delivery services could reserve a specific time. The process has led to a deeper understanding of when delivery demand is high, by which services and for how long the space is needed. The pilot began in early November, starting with only about 20 bookings from package delivery companies like UPS or FedEx. Under the project, drivers were able to download a curb-management app developed by Coord to get placed into the reservation system.